We must be thankful to a family of Swiss immigrants and entrepreneurs who left behind a unique and wonderful heritage. They bequeathed the villa and surrounding property to the Swiss Association in 1947. The Swiss Association has survived, in a changed form, until today. Its main mission is the preservation of the Swiss Club as a cosmopolitan meeting place.  

Its second mission is the management of the Swiss Cemetery in Old Cairo. It exists since 1925, and any Swiss person passing away in Egypt may be buried there. The Association finances the maintenance of the cemetery through the income generated by the club’s operations. 

In 2019 the Swiss Embassy in cooperation with the Swiss Club have produced the mobile app “Swiss Trail” for city walks in Cairo. It follows the remarkable traces that Swiss emigrants have left here, most prominently Swiss Club itself. (Links to download Swiss Trail from Google play or Appstore). At this occasion the Swiss Italian Television have also produced a 3 Min. documentary that gives a glimpse of our glamorous heritage in Egypt. The documentary (French and Italian Language) can be viewed online here.

All in all, the Swiss Club concerns us all, regardless of where we live in Egypt.

By becoming a member, you will help to preserve our heritage.