In order for us to ensure the safety, security and overall enjoyment of our guests during their stay at the club, please make sure to read through the following rules & regulations before your next visit. 


1 – Please follow the instructions of the security personnel when entering the Club, and be prepared to show a membership card or some form of ID. 

2 – Please park in the spaces designated by the security personnel and do not park or leave vehicles unattended at any time near the entrance.

3 – Due to security reasons, the entry to fully-veiled women is strictly prohibited.

4. Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought into the Club’s premises. The Club has excellent catering services at very reasonable prices. Any foodstuffs being brought in, have to be left at the security office.  

5. No animals are allowed on the premises of the club. The only exception are guide dogs for the blind. 

6. Please do not feed any cats at all on the premises – stray cats are a problem in the area and by feeding them it only encourages more to come. 

7. Please do not litter; waste baskets are available throughout the Club’s grounds. 

6. Please do not leave your children unattended; especially on the playground area.

7. The Swiss Club is not liable for any injuries or accidents caused due to the lack of parental supervision.

8. Children are only allowed in the Club in the company of an adult.

9. The playground is constructed for children below 10 years age. There is no food or drink allowed in the playground area, which is strictly non-smoking.

10. In respect to other guests and our neighbours, no music is allowed unless organised through the Club, and then only until 23.30 hrs. Such music must be within an acceptable volume level at all times, and, during the prayer times, must be switched off.

11. No activities of a political, religious or other sensitive matter can be held at the Club. 

12. The use of fire arms and fireworks is strictly prohibited.