Membership types

1. Active Membership for Swiss Nationals

The active membership is reserved for Swiss people living in Egypt. They want to contribute actively to the development of the Swiss Community and the preservation of the Swiss Heritage in Egypt. 

The Swiss Club is a registered NGO in Egypt. The Egyptian law and the club’s bylaws govern the role of active members. In brief it can be said that active members participate in the club’s General Assemblies, and they are eligible become members of the supervisory board.

For legal reasons applications for active membership must be approved by the supervisory board. However, the supervisory board welcomes all applications for active membership.

2. Associate Membership

The associate membership is dedicated to people who would like to enter a long-term association with the Swiss Club. They should be open to other cultures and have language skills. They visit the club regularly and participate actively in the Swiss Club events. 

Criteria and fees for associate membership are governed by the Swiss Club bylaws. Due to this the membership fees remain stable over long periods of time.

Applications must be endorsed by two active members, and they must be approved by the supervisory board.

Finally the Associate Membership is suitable for non-Swiss spouses of Active members.

3. Swiss Club Pass

The Swiss Club Pass is dedicated to people who are frequent guests at the club over shorter periods of time. The main purpose of the Swiss Club Pass is to facilitate the entrance process and to reduce cost for frequent visitors. Like for associate members the Swiss Club Pass holders are expected to have a cosmopolitan mindset and the necessary language skills to communicate with other members and guests.

Swiss Club Pass features are defined at supervisory board level. The supervisory board reviews its membership fees on annual basis.

Swiss Club Pass Membership applications must be approved by the Supervisory board.

Further information, fees, benefits

For more information please contact the Swiss Club management at the Club’s offices.