Name: Simone Höch

ID/Passport number: X0292135

Email: simone.hoech@hispeed.ch

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 1973-10-22

Profession: Hôtelière/Orascom Hotels Management

Living Area: El Gouna/Sharm El Sheikh

Living in Egypt since: June 2000

Languages: German, French, English

Interests: Travel, Tourism, Hotels, Politics, Culture, Animals

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I am graduate of the Higher Institute of Hotel Management Luzern in Switzerland and came to Egypt in the year 2000 to further develop my professional career. Beyond the hotel, I am enthusiastic about travelling, reading and spending my free time on long walks with my dog. I am married and after living more than 20 years along the shores of the Red Sea, Egypt has become my second home.

The CSA acts as a representative of the 5th Switzerland and defends the interests of Swiss expatriates before the authorities and public opinion in Switzerland . It needs to ensure that the concerns of the Swiss in Egypt are heard in Bern and that there is a good flow of information to the Swiss abroad. Two main goals to be achieved:

– E-Voting should be implemented to be able to participate in elections and popular votes in Switzerland.

– Swiss banks and insurance companies should be available to the Swiss Abroad on satisfactory terms comparable to those offered to citizens in Switzerland.

The Swiss overseas population is growing and its needs are changing. Being a Swiss living and working abroad since more than 20 years, I thoroughly understand the needs and interests of the Swiss community in Egypt. Furthermore I follow the Swiss political process and I think that it is very important that Swiss abroad are kept informed about developments that concern them.

I actively engage with the Swiss Community particularly along the Red Sea. I live in Sharm El Sheikh (Sinai Governorate) and I work in El Gouna (Red Sea Governorate), which enables me to connect with many different Swiss nationals in both regions.

For many years I have served as a Warden for the Swiss Embassy to support Swiss in need and I continue to be one of the Swiss Embassy’s contact people. I am a certified In-Company Trainer (AdA) and support the efforts to promote technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Egypt.

I am interested to represent the Swiss living in Egypt because I understand their interests and I would like to be their voice in the CSA. I am proud to be Swiss and politics is important to me. After more than 20 years in Egypt, many friendships have developed with the Swiss living here and I am sure that I am well aware of the concerns of the Swiss colony. The Swiss Abroad are a gateway to the world and are incredibly valuable for Switzerland.

Name: Hazem Khairat Farahat

ID/Passport number: Farahat

Email: hazemkhairat@hotmail.com

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 1955-02-14

Profession: Arzt/Chirurg

Living Area: Egypt

Living in Egypt since: 2000

Languages: German

Interests: Professional activities.

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Born in Cairo, medical school in Cairo University 1982, then moved to Switzerland and obtained my Equivalent Medical Diploma from university of Bern in 1991, then doctor of medicine from University of Bern in 1993, then Swiss Board of surgeons 2000,
Backhome, I moved to Cairo and Brasil and got fellowship of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery 2005, since 2009 regularely locum surgeon in UK, Ireland and Egypt.
I am citizen from Basel, was married with Swiss lady and have a grown-up daughter in Basel.
I like traveling, learning other cultures and languages (Arabic, English, German, Portuguese and little French).
I had the opportunity to work as medical officer, with Swiss Medical unit, MINURSO United Nation in1993.
Was a member of with the free democratic party in Switzerland (FDP) and I am member of (international Lions club Heliopolis).

They should provide counselling and advice to Swiss people moving to Egypt as well as those comming back home to Switzerland.
They could work on solutions for health insurance, pension, voting, military service, finance and banking. For children and youth we are looking for offers to learn the country language, culture and history or to receive education by Swiss establishments.
All these issues or problems related to this Swiss community abroad should be discussed in the CSA and raised to the relevant authorities.

Switzerland and Egypt have historically strong relations, and the economic cooperation is increasing. I have lived and worked in both places and I can best represent the Swiss expatriate issues, and I’m able to give input on how to avoid problems when living overseas. I am a Swiss citizen originating from Egypt, with two wings between my two beautiful countries.

Yes, not only in Egypt, but also in Brasil, UK and Ireland.
I’m in contact with the Swiss club and I have freinds at the embassy, and some of my friends are binational like myself.

Please refer to my comments above. In addition, I plan to become more active in Swiss club in Cairo.

I have traveled professionally in a lot of countries, learning new cultures, languages beside professional progress. I will be very delighted to represent the Swiss in Egypt, and to contribute to initiatives that further improve their situation as expatriates. By becoming a member of the CSA, I can gain the relevant experience to look for similar international engagements in the future.