First name: Karen

Surname: Weick

Age: 44 years old; Married; Mother of two children.

Address: Cairo, Egypt

In Egypt: since 2003

Languages: German, French, English, Arabic

Place of origin: Guggisberg, BE

Profession: Business Development Director


Politics, Arts and Business

Motivation to become a member of CSA

Having worked in several functions for the benefit of the Swiss Community in Egypt, I could get a deep insight into the problems, needs and expectations of my fellow citizens from different perspectives. This will definitely help me defend their interests with relevance and legitimacy at the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA). Swiss residents in Egypt are either staying in the country for a limited time (expatriates) or settled down for a life long period. In both cases, their points of view need to be communicated to our federal institutions in Berne and in Cairo. The CSA is an important link to our country of origin; a connection which needs to be strengthened for the sake of the Swiss Community in Egypt. 

Relation to the Swiss community in Egypt

  • Member of the Security Committee at the Embassy of Switzerland in Cairo (warden)
  • SEBA (Swiss Egyptian Business Association) member
  • Representative of Switzerland Global Enterprise at SEBA
  • President of the HSG Alumni Club for the MENA region
  • Former Board Member of the Swiss Club

Thanks to my different mandates above, I feel the importance of representing my fellow citizens where the decisions regarding their interests in Switzerland and abroad are being taken. This is the reason why I wish to continue my voluntary and political contribution to my community.

First name: Omar

Surname: Shafik

Age: 40 years old; Son of a Swiss mother and an Egyptian father; Father of two boys (11 and 9 years old)

Address: Giza, Egypt

In Egypt: since my birth but raised between Switzerland and Egypt.

Languages: French, English, Arabic

Place of origine: Trachselwald, BE


  • Partner at Orchtech Zurich/Giza (software development companies) and at Purple Digital (e-marketing).
  • Professor at the AAST University (teaching e-commerce and further subjects in French)
  • Assistant professor for the MBA program of Sorbonne


Technology, economics, foreign policy/international relations, teaching at the university, entrepreneurship, sports (football and squash), travelling and spending time near the sea or lakes.

Motivation to become a member of CSA

  1. Work hard to push for the appliance of the E-Voting for Swiss in Egypt.
  2. Raise the issue of the Swiss cemeteries, which exist outside Switzerland, and include them into the law of Swiss Abroad.
  3. Find the most efficient ways to improve the representation of the Swiss Abroad at CSA.
  4. Raise the issue of the old-age and survivor’s pensions (LAVS) (l’assurance-vieillesse et survivants (AVS)) and allow Swiss who never worked in Switzerland to gain it.
  5. Raise the awareness about the possibility to create a better eco-system for startups in Switzerland and encourage Swiss businessmen to invest more in Swiss startups and the once existing abroad.
  6. Find ways to stimulate young generations (also the 2nd and 3rd generation of Swiss living abroad) to participate in the Swiss referendum.

Relation to the Swiss community in Egypt

  • Board Member of the Swiss Club
  • Sponsoring of several activities for the Swiss community such as:
    • Donation of website development for the Swiss Club in Cairo, in order to make the Swiss community in Egypt connected to the club and its latest activities
    • Sponsoring of various marketing activities, including the club branding and identity emblems (logo, letterhead, club membership card, etc.), assistance in social media activities, promotion and consultation.
  • Ongoing project with the Swiss Embassy and the Swiss Government concerning the development of a mobile application which aims to strengthen the Swiss – Egyptian relations in the cultural field.

First name: Simone

Surname: Höch

Age: 43 years old; Married

Address: El Quseir, Egypt

In Egypt: since June 2000

Languages: German, English, French

Place of origine: Mellingen, Aarau, AG

Profession: Hotelier: Management of the Mövenpick Resort El Quseir


Tourism, Hotel industry, Travelling, Politics, Culture, Animals. My big passion is the nature, which I like to explore together with my dog.

Motivation to become a member of CSA

I am interested in becoming a member of CSA, because I would like to represent the opinions of Swiss living in Egypt in Switzerland. I am proud to be Swiss and politics is important to me. After living over 16 years in Egypt, I believe that I have a wide knowledge about the concerns and wishes of the Swiss Colony, which I would represent in an appropriate way.

The 5th Switzerland has gained importance throughout the last years. The bigger the community of Swiss Abroad becomes, the more important it is to have a political representation. I would like being part of this development.

Relation to the Swiss community in Egypt

As a Warden of the Embassy of Switzerland in Cairo I help in emergency cases and support the Embassy with information about the situation on site. Beside work I spend time with Swiss friends who live in Egypt.

Even though Egypt became a second home for me, I still keep a close relation to Switzerland. My Swiss roots, family and friends mean a lot to me and my holiday flat gives me the possibility to keep the bonds with Switzerland